We are committed to adding value to our local communities. Whether we are getting our people involved through volunteering, building long-term community partnerships, making vital projects a reality with our pro bono services or boosting economies through our work for clients, we add value every day, all around the world.

Investing time in vital community projects

We address key social issues that are important to our communities, our business and our clients. Our community champion network leads initiatives and engages with colleagues, as we invest time and funds into projects with our partners. One important way we do this is by giving every employee a volunteering day each year.

  • £592k corporate and employee donations
  • 9,356 community volunteer hours
  • 6170 children and young people reached
  • 70 community partners worldwide

Removing barriers to education

We are determined to create opportunities for children and young people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their potential. Low social mobility is a major challenge and we want to help disadvantaged youth gain access to quality education and decent work, in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our work starts in pre-schools and primary schools in some of the most disadvantaged communities that are close to our offices. For example, we launched our partnership with the National Literacy Trust in five primary schools across the UK, and as well as donating books and lesson resources, we run workshops to inspire a love of reading and encourage involvement in STEM.

Raising aspirations and improving employability

Our aim is to equip children and young people with the confidence, skills and knowledge to achieve their life and career goals. We support school programmes, career mentoring and employability initiatives such as INJAZ UAE in the Middle East, Career Ready in the UK and JINC in the Netherlands.