This year, our North American business is preparing to voluntarily publicly report on their gender pay gap. Reporting has been mandatory in Australia since 2013 and became a legal requirement for businesses in the UK this year, but it is not yet a requirement in the USA or Canada.

North America has made great strides across the entire diversity and inclusion agenda. Our new people, CSR and diversity working group have developed comprehensive recommendations for the Americas Board. As well as agreeing to voluntarily report on their gender pay gap, this has resulted in the implementation of a dedicated women’s affinity network, flexible working practices and increased activity around key global initiatives such as International Women’s Day.

Kiabi Carson, Director of Human Resources, North America, is clear that gender pay gap reporting will be instrumental in making further change happen:

By reporting publicly, we’ll be held accountable for how well we attract, retain and promote female talent.

“We know we are paying women and men equally for the same jobs, but more can be done to support women in reaching senior positions. The 2018 report will give us the baseline measurements we need to set targets for increasing women’s progress in our company and highlight whether we need a change of approach.

“This will also send a clear message to our people that we are committed to gender equality, and we hope to engage with our wider industry to increase the pace of change together."

Kiabi Carson, Director of Human Resources, North America

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