Every industry is racing to embrace digital technologies and the power of data. Nowhere is this more needed than in the construction industry, where digital transformation is a crucial catalyst to enhancing productivity and performance. There are promising signs in our industry, but we need to accelerate this pace of change.

Across our global business, we’ve taken large strides to embed digital into our ways of working. Our goal is to help the construction industry achieve the same, to the benefit of us all.

We are committed to helping our clients define and accelerate their digital transformation, manage cultural change, the adoption of new technology and the application of data.

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We have witnessed the positive results from embracing a move towards a digital future. Our task now is to lead and support clients on their own journeys. Cindy Curia Associate Director

People at the heart of technology

Embracing digital technology requires a new way of working. For clients to achieve increased delivery efficiency and avoid the failings of past projects, their focus must be on how their activities will impact their people and the people within their supply chain.

In India, we have been supporting Data Centre Holdings India to bring Mumbai’s largest single-plot data centre development to fruition, which included procurement services and educating the teams on health and safety practices, which has resulted in more than half a million safe worker hours.

Our own journey has helped us to understand that successful transformation comes from solving key people and culture issues before considering any digital solutions.

We are helping clients create strategies that revolve around their people, identifying the barriers to achieving successful adoption.

Helping clients to make better decisions

We work with our clients to help them define, capture and use data to make better decisions. Of particular importance is developing a mature understanding of their data and that of their supply chain.

Using a range of apps, we integrate powerful analytical services into their existing environments.

Our bespoke technologies include the Hive, our cloud platform for storing and analysing capital project data. For project management, our Pace> platform helps to better understand clients’ portfolios or programmes.

Navigating change towards a digital future

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, our public and private sector clients face major challenges to deliver the scale of investment ambition needed to drive the economy. We see innovation as a key part of their success.

Our work with the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the UK on its Integrated Covid Hub North East delivered fully flexible state-of-the-art laboratory spaces that can be used for further testing and research purposes in the future, creating a legacy for the infrastructure of the region.

We are helping clients understand the long-term value that comes from the use of digital technologies, which combined with current and incoming legislation, creates a compelling case to transform.

Industry change starts today

There is much great thinking and great activity going on across industry to lead digital transformation. We support bodies such as the Construction Leadership Council, Infrastructure Client Group and Centre for Digital Built Britain to help contribute to and guide our industry towards change.

We realise that it is a long and difficult path, but we have witnessed the positive results from embracing a move towards a digital future. Our task now is to lead and support clients on their own journeys.