The global pandemic has accelerated the drivers for change across all aspects of our lives and communities. The successful delivery of the ambitious built environment investment programmes on which this changing world depends requires radical industry transformation to enable faster, more productive and sustainable solutions.

Our clients are, rightly, demanding greater productivity across their major projects and programmes. They are seeking better, smarter and more resilient approaches and outcomes that reduce the whole-life cost of assets and future-proof against the risks that lie ahead as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of meeting net zero-carbon targets, disruptive digital technologies, levelling up economic prosperity and boosting social and community level value from investments.

We are committed to a successful future construction industry that is more innovative, more collaborative, and more programmatic in its approach to transforming delivery and outcomes.

Tools for transforming outcomes

The last 12 months have demonstrated that a faster pace of change is possible.

If we are to play a leading role in the global economic and social recovery, the construction sector must work together to drive real change. We need to raise productivity and fundamentally transform the way in which we deliver.

As a global business, we understand the power of diverse, multi-skilled teams. We are leading change to drive deep collaboration across disciplines and new thinking across the supply chain, embracing new techniques such as digital modelling and modern methods of construction.

In the US, we’ve been working with adidas on its East Village Expansion project and, with an innovative approach to stakeholder coordination and use of materials, substantially reduced the project schedule.

Helping our clients to adapt and succeed

Across all sectors we see the need to embrace data, digital technologies, automation and off-site construction approaches.

We are helping our clients to grasp these new opportunities and establish the new business models needed to improve productivity and remain competitive, while also meeting the growing social expectations of the public and communities.

75 & Productive
All parties have a role to play in enhancing productivity across the construction lifecycle including the adoption of modern construction methods, technology to digitise workflows, and commercial models that incentivise out-performance and innovation. Imran Akhtar Director

Transforming the industry to meet the world’s future challenges

We see a clear opportunity to help our clients tackle the emerging challenges they face to drive up productivity while reducing cost and lowering carbon emissions.

Projects and programmes are becoming more complex. Our focus is no longer just to manage the capital delivery process, but to work in sustainable long-term partnerships with our clients to deliver the changes needed to link asset needs with better solutions and outcomes, leveraging new technologies, data and other innovations to drive new levels of industry performance.

Our clients understand that the time for transformation is now. The industry’s positive response to the COVID-19 crisis has shown that we are all capable of making the huge change needed to embrace new ways of work, but it is a journey that we now need to accelerate.

We are in a leading position to meet this challenge and to work with our clients to drive the transformation needed.