The global construction sector is ready for a fundamental and long-overdue step-change in the adoption of technology and its use of data. Embracing innovation is key to meeting growing client demands for more efficient solutions, faster delivery and better social and economic outcomes.

Every progressive, successful project is adopting a digital way of working. This includes embracing digital solutions and innovative ways to increase collaboration and the exchange of ideas; intelligent procurement streamlining contract management; blockchain securing payment and delivery; building information modelling (BIM) and digital twins boosting efficiency and accuracy of asset design, construction and operation.

The COVID-19 global crisis has shifted client thinking towards these digital solutions and increased demand for and reliance on communications technology. The pandemic has accelerated a trajectory we were already on towards the greater use of data and digitally-enabled workflows.

Asset owners want high-quality outputs, delivered quickly and solutions that go beyond simply cutting costs. They demand solutions that boost the economy, drive growth, support society and help it to flourish.

Finding the right business case to support investment in technology to secure smarter built environment solutions is vital.

Digital system transformation

This year has seen a step-change in productivity following the development of our own suite of digital tools as part of our project delivery. But they have also started to transform the wider industry’s thinking and approach to smarter digital solutions.

Our cost management suite of apps is now being demanded by our global clients as they also seek to embrace digital thinking, arming them with more insight and intelligence to deliver better outcomes.

We have been partnering with some of the world’s biggest companies to help drive forward innovative new products and find the right solutions to problems.

Most recently we are helping AstraZeneca to enhance their digital initiatives, and our new real estate programme management platform pace> supports lean delivery processes with real-time project data analytics.

We are also working with clients such as Johnson Matthey towards driving efficiencies in the delivery of their capital programmes.

Our natural resources clients benefit from our QuanTTum service, providing a fast, consistent and accurate means of developing, measuring and managing the quantity, weight and cost of their engineered facilities through design development and project delivery. This supports the creation of a true digital asset.

Driving efficiency and accuracy

Technology is already transforming construction project management, with tools such as BIM underpinning designs.

We are currently supporting one of the UK’s largest active BIM projects in the public sector for HM Revenue and Customs. This project demonstrates how small improvements across the design and construction process can accelerate delivery, bring assets into service to start generating revenue more quickly and boost through-life performance.

Our digital transformation includes a range of tools that, in response to the global climate emergency, help our clients to meet their critical net zero-carbon emissions target.

Our digital team has worked in partnership with our sustainability experts to build a carbon calculator that not only identifies embodied carbon within project cost plans, but also helps clients to understand the wider impact of their project and plan more sustainable design and procurement solutions.

Embedding technology

Using technology to help clients make investment decisions is critical; we use parametric modelling to help decide how business cases stack up, to speed up and improve decision-making.

This shift from judgement-based processes towards the use of data is key to enhancing outcomes for clients. Development of our Hive platform over the last two years has helped our clients to uncover vast amounts of insight and value from their stored capital project data.

This has enabled us to help our clients to accelerate cost estimation and option planning throughout the design of repeatable assets such as data centres. Having piloted the tool with teams across UK business, it will soon be rolled out globally.

Technology and digital systems are not separated from the core business. We embed digital tools and processes into all our project management services, radically transforming the way we deliver projects for our clients, creating clear market differentiation.

Creating future success

Our ambition is to be the stand-out provider of digital solutions, leading the way and building our own capability for the benefit of our industry.

We are on a journey with our clients to demystify the benefits of technology investment; changing it from a leap of faith to become something that they do because it works and delivers measurable returns.

The future will start to see an acceleration in the link between the human side of technology and the machine side; redefining how the workplace is set up and helping the industry to reap the wider benefits of digital systems through greater collaboration and increased project efficiency, productivity, predictability and transparency.

We know that the use of data and digital technology are vital to securing the future of the sector, but understand that the first steps towards this new world are always the hardest.

Our goal is to help clients embrace innovative solutions and technology so as to focus on investment decisions that transform their projects, their businesses and the whole industry.

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