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Your development

We believe that the development of our staff is critical to ensure that individuals are able to achieve their full potential and to help us to deliver the highest quality service to our clients; our success is a direct consequence of the quality and commitment of the people we employ.

We are committed to developing the diversity of our people in order to both reflect the diversity of our clients and capture the insights of a varied workforce.

All of our staff have a learning and development plan which is developed in conjunction with their line manager during their yearly performance review. We offer staff a variety of training methods, including:

  • external training - we are proud to support employees in undertaking external qualifications or training as appropriate to their roles, including RICS, APM, MBA, MSC etc
  • personal learning - all employees are urged to take responsibility for their own development which may be through coaching from peers or managers or undertaking new challenges
  • e-learning – we offer a full suite of e-learning materials for employees to access at a time and place that suits them - last year our staff clocked up almost 3,000 hours of e-learning
  • lunchtime learning – a number of our offices run drop in sessions on a wide range of subjects
  • 'Soft Skills' training – focusing on areas such as management skills and business development, these training sessions help our employees develop their general skill set
  • technical training – run by the different divisions of the company, these courses are designed to progressively improve our employees’ skills, capability and understanding of how we operate

We also run a series of structured in-house programmes to address the development needs of certain groups in the company. These include:

  • graduate development programmes – aligned to the RICS, APM and other professional bodies 
  • Global Talent Programme – open to all technical employees, this programme is aimed at the future leaders of the business 
  • management development programmes – aimed at associate director level and above 
  • global leadership programmes – aimed at our senior managers and directors 
  • NVQ in Business Administration – for all our administrative staff