Risk and opportunity management

The effective management of risks and opportunities is increasingly seen as an important competitive differentiator, helping organisations achieve success despite difficult economic times.

We establish a strategy for managing risks and opportunities that is integrated throughout the operating model of your organisation.


Driving improvements in an operational environment - Delivery of your capital investments in a live operational environment means key interfaces need to be managed so that any improvements made will not be at the expense of other areas.

Balancing return and investment - We understand how to focus efforts in the right place to make savings efficiently.
Obtaining change buy-in - Your team undoubtedly plays a key role in the implementation of any recommended improvements. We will frequently train and coach them in the development and implementation of these.

Making improvements stick - Changes require careful consideration and close monitoring to become sustainable.

What we do

Maturity assessment – We quickly assess how effective your current approach to risk and opportunity management is, using our extensive data banks that cover a huge range of sectors.

Exposure benchmarking and reduction – We help you understand where you sit relative to others and put plans in place to improve your bottom line.

Process optimisation – We work together with your project teams to develop smart action plans that will deliver tangible benefits.

Management support – We focus on working in partnership with your management team to drive both short and long-term results. We help your team to develop the skills and tools to drive sustainable improvements.

What you get

We understand that any approach is only as good as the people that deliver it. Our specialists have extensive experience across a range of capital programmes, projects and organisations worldwide which when coupled with intelligent and practical tools enable us to offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs.

The benefits of effective risk and opportunity management:

  • Improved cost certainty
  • Higher economic returns
  • Sustainable shareholder value
  • Increased stakeholder confidence
  • Reduction of costly disputes and claims

"The introduction of a framework which would allow the Agency to begin to manage risks commercially at a programme level delivered a potential saving of £9m on the Managed Motorway programme alone."

Head of Risk Management, Highways Agency