Renewable energy

In response to the climate change and de-carbonisation agendas many countries are aiming for a low carbon economy, and alternative energy could be the solution. This is a huge challenge - the global potential for investment in renewables over the next 10 to 15 years is estimated at £620bn, an annualised investment of circa £40bn per year.

The journey to this low carbon economy is presenting many challenges at this time, which include:

  • creating the right conditions within the sector to attract the huge volume of private sector funding that is required to support such a large investment programme
  • developing a supply chain, manufacturing and logistic facilities that can support the forecast roll out of the planned programmes
  • reducing renewable electricity and heat production costs to achieve more viable solutions when compared to fossil and nuclear fuel derived energy
  • developing the skills and capability to deliver the programmes of work.

At Turner & Townsend we recognise this magnitude of the challenge, we are committed to rising to it, to work with the industry, to share knowledge, develop innovative and valued solutions to support the achievement of a low carbon global economy.

"The highly innovative Carson Hydrogen Power Project in Southern California is on a very aggressive schedule, and Turner & Townsend has reacted very quickly to infuse strong project schedule control into the project management framework."

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