The operations team at Turner & Townsend provides a comprehensive range of integrated services focused on maximising the performance of asset portfolios. Our specialist advisors provide managed environments for plant, property and machinery. We will work in partnership with your team to create and maintain safe, comfortable and secure assets.

It is essential that all elements of operational buildings and other assets are effectively managed to deliver an efficient and low cost asset base that is relevant to your core business.

We work with organisations ranging from the largest multinational businesses to all areas of the public sector offering tailored solutions addressing their individual needs.

Some of these include:

Operational effectiveness: Our team will manage and develop all aspects of facilities management that you require to keep your staff warm, dry and safe and focused on the core aims of your organisation. 

Maintenance and lifecycle management: Our understanding of the nature, location and condition of your assets helps inform the process of maintenance and lifecycle management. We help you to keep your assets performing at their optimum levels and maximise their availability and lowest lifecycle cost.

Safe work environment: We implement systems of work and management plans that create a safe environment and place of work for you and your employees.