06 October 2015

Navigating data center site selection and design

The popular image of a data centre is often as exotic as it is misleading. Granted, some really are as portrayed in the movies: high-tech bunkers hewn out of remote mountains. But most are not, a...

16 September 2015

Beyond big data – a route map to data maturity

Data is a powerful means of driving improvements across the global construction industry, but we lack a coherent and unified strategy that will take the industry to the next level.

09 September 2015

UK market intelligence - is two-stage working?

The latest issue of our update of market conditions around the UK, focusing on prospects for the coming year using our tender price index.

04 September 2015

Hotel developments: benchmarking for success

The future for the Australian hotel sector is looking positive, with growing numbers of both domestic and overseas visitors. The latest forecasts from Tourism Research Australia shows internation...