22 April 2016

How do I maximise return on my infrastructure investment?

This is the question being asked by asset owners, operators and their boards in every segment of the infrastructure sector. In an increasingly global and competitive market, the answer requires a...

07 April 2016

Why should commercial managers focus on value and performance?

Global Head of Infrastructure and Chairman of Constructing Excellence, Murray Rowden says that to build on recent successes the UK infrastructure industry must focus on performance and value. 

30 March 2016

Closing the industry skills gap: act today, or pay tomorrow

Governments around the world are investing in major infrastructure programmes in order to drive growth and prosperity, but skills shortages threaten to hinder those plans. Relying on market force...

23 March 2016

BIM’s Big Bang

Technical Consultants operate on the front line of cost control and delivery timelines. They play a crucial part in making sure projects come in on time and on budget. As a result, they will onl...