Funder’s advisory services

Having a robust view of development risks during the initial and execution stages of capital projects is critical to achieving a return on your investment. Funding institutions rely on our detailed understanding of the development focus to navigate the risks associated with any capital investment.

Your challenges

Lenders and creditors must be confident that projects are progressing as expected and that they have access to the funds needed.

Key things to assure include:

  • confidence that there is enough money in the remaining facility to complete the project
  • valuation of completed works against the contract programme
  • ensuring that suppliers and subcontractors have been paid
  • confirmation that planning conditions have been met
  • that a reasonable contingency fund is in place
  • the design is progressing in line with the agreed programme
  • the requirements of tenants have been satisfied.

Making the difference

As a funder in a project, you require clear and concise independent advice on the project’s ability to achieve its objectives. Our review feedback provides appropriate advice to protect your interests. To date our funder’s advisory team has monitored developments totalling more than 4bn in construction costs.

Our knowledge of the development process combined with our cost and procurement benchmarking data enables us to:

  • help bring projects in line with lender credit requirements
  • monitor contractor performance and construction costs
  • monitor development spend and costs to completion
  • advise lenders of technical risks presented by developments and proactively protect their interests
  • advise and assist lenders in resolution of distressed developments - helping to safeguard capital and reduce losses
  • monitor on site activities on behalf of the lender
  • bring a level of understanding of on site process to the lending team.

"The contribution of the cost and project management skills of Turner & Townsend, together with its inherent understanding of what is important to the project funder, makes its contribution to the process immeasurable."

Director, Santander