Fraudulent recruitment offers

Beware of fraudulent emails! Fraudsters are known to be contacting job seekers and offering bogus employment opportunities that appear to come from Turner & Townsend. We have treated such incidences seriously and referred them to legal and enforcement agencies as appropriate.

By publishing details of such abuses we aim to reduce the opportunities for the fraudsters to profit from their activities and to prevent individuals falling victim to fraudulent practices. 

What you can do
If you receive unsolicited emails offering employment opportunities with Turner & Townsend you may contact us via (note: manually type in the address rather than use the Reply button). We will require the following information to investigate the incident:

(a) The original email content including subject line.

(b) The full ‘header’ and ‘router’ data in order to trace the email's path through the internet to your email system (this is only available to the original recipient). This data can help in tracing the location from where the email originated. The ‘header’ and ‘router’ data is generated automatically for every email sent, but systems do not normally display such data on the front screen. (To see how to retrieve the ‘header and ‘router’ data follow the link shown in the column to your right).

(c) Forward the complete unedited email message to us; do not change or alter the message content in any way.

(d) Retain all subsequent messages received from the perpetrators to assist any future investigation if necessary.

e) You should consider making contact with your local police and provide all the information received from the sender.

What you should NOT do

(a) DO NOT send money. Turner & Townsend never request payment from job applicants.

(b) DO NOT respond to unsolicited offers of employment from people you are unfamiliar with.

(c) DO NOT supply personal or financial data to persons that you do not know.

(d) DO NOT continue to communicate in any way if you suspect the originator may be fraudulent.

You should be aware that genuine correspondence from Turner & Townsend is never sent from a Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or other internet hosted account. To be sure you are emailing a genuine Turner & Townsend address, don’t use the Reply button but instead type in the address manually.