Munich breakfast seminar: the roadmap to an adequate procurement strategy

11 November 2016, Munich.

On November 11 2016 we are hosting our 11. Business4Breakfast seminar in Munich.

Over breakfast, we are going to discuss with our clients how to find an adequate procurement strategy. While the topic is not new, it remains critical to the success of a project. Careful considerations regarding the right procurement strategy at the beginning of a project have a big impact on quality of execution. 

It is very common for companies, to apply the principle of ‘let’s do it the way we have always done it’. Without considering the different procurement options, this is a missed opportunity. By developing a customised procurement strategy, project risks can be minimised and the economic efficiency of a project can be enhanced.

If you wish to learn more about the event or wish to attend, please email before 4 November. The event is primarily intended for Turner & Townsend’s clients and business partners but others are welcome. 

For further information, contact:

Bettina Fransioli
Marketing Manager

t: +49 (0)89 550 545 204