Diversity in construction

17.30 – 20.00, One New Change, London

We’re delighted to host BIM Region London's BeginBIM on 16 November. It will focus on the supply of labour for the new roles the digital revolution is creating, as well as the need for a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Embracing the changes which the digital revolution is bringing is crucial for the success of BIM and associated new technologies. The construction industry will be competing with social media and digital tech companies in attracting and recruiting its next generation of professionals. Alongside this, the industry needs to ensure that people already working in construction do not feel driven away by change and new tech. Assisting the development of a new mind-set within the workforce of the industry could be a crucial factor in the success of BIM adoption and use going forward.

 Sarah Rock will be chairing the event, featuring speakers Anjali Pindoria and Catherine Philips.

 If you wish to learn more about the event or to attend, please visit Diversity in Construction.

For further information contact:

Shaun Farrell
Associate Director, Technology