Disrupting the real estate operating model

As the drive to reap ever greater rewards through the efficient use of Real Estate continues, a new approach to programme management is emerging. Better value for money is the order of the day and more focus is being placed on the cost – benefit equation.

To drive real value from a programme management approach the bigger picture must be considered, taking stock of the whole asset lifecycle. A move away from multiple ‘best of breed’ contracts towards a single ‘asset integrator’ is gaining momentum.

In this roundtable we will discuss how this is disrupting the real estate operating model now and how a true programme management approach can drive tangible value for money across a real estate portfolio.

If you wish to learn more about the event or to attend, please send an email to Nadia De Klerk before 13 November.

This week forms a part of our Real Estate Summit which is made up of a series of events, roundtables and discussion pieces investigating what the real estate sector needs to do to solve the productivity puzzle. To view the full programme activity please click here.

Please note, prior registration is mandatory the event is primarily intended for Turner & Townsend’s clients and business partners.