Crossrail - performance assurance

12.30pm-1.30pm, webinar

Speakers: Richard Wood
Event Type: Webinar
Organiser: APM

A key challenge for Crossrail and its stakeholders was to create a mechanism for assuring that Tier 1 contractors were collectively performing at a level that would enable the programme’s objectives to be met – safely delivering a world-class railway on time, within funding, setting new standards for major project delivery and leaving a legacy of improved supply-chain performance within the UK infrastructure sector. There was a desire to operate a lean client team and also a recognition that Crossrail had to enable the supply-chain to perform if they were to be successful in achieving the programme’s desired outcomes.

Turner & Townsend led the collaborative development and implementation of the Crossrail Performance Assurance Framework, which was based on 6 core areas aligned to corporate objectives: Commercial; Health & Safety; Quality (including technical compliance); Environment; Community Relations; and Social Sustainability. The approach enabled the targeted sharing of knowledge and innovation to support supply-chain capability improvement and drove a 54% increase in performance levels over a 3 year period, and resulted in 14 out of 17 assessed contracts operating over-and-above the requirements of the contract as of August 2015. 8 critical success factors were identified which will be discussed in this webinar.

This topic area is relevant to any project developing supply-chain performance measurement/management models, as well as innovation or knowledge sharing initiatives.

Find out more on the Crossrail Learning Legacy website.

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