2020 vision: what legacy are we leaving?

With London struggling to meet housing demand and an increasing need to build quickly and cheaply, are we really clear as an industry on what legacy we will be leaving? Do we now need to design and build for a shorter lifespan or is it a race to the bottom?

In this roundtable discussion we will look at what needs to be done to develop a product that is sustainable, affordable and meets the needs of the market in the future.

If you wish to learn more about the event or to attend, please send an email to Nurj Jamir before 13 November.

This week forms a part of our Real Estate Summit which is made up of a series of events, roundtables and discussion pieces investigating what the real estate sector needs to do to solve the productivity puzzle. To view the full programme of activity please click here.

Please note, prior registration is mandatory and the event is primarily intended for Turner & Townsend’s clients and business partners.