International construction market survey 2017

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1 Introduction

This year's international construction market survey presents data analysed from 43 markets around the world delivering greater insight into the global construction industry.

Steve McGuckin Global Head of Client Programmes
"Steady global economic growth, increasing demand for construction and a shortage of skills and labour, combine to provide governments, clients and the industry compelling drivers to grasp the moment and commit to investing in productivity improvement."

Our team of economists worked closely with our local experts to analyse an expansive cost dataset to provide insight into how the construction industry is performing. This reveals key global trends as well as more detailed local market dynamics.


2 Survey overview - building momentum

key markets analysed
new markets added for 2017
56 %
of global markets suffering from a skills shortage
3.7 %
construction cost inflation in 2016

3 Construction market - where's hot and where's not

This year’s survey reveals a slowly warming industry suffering from skills shortages as global economic conditions improve. A third of the markets surveyed expect to be warmer by 2018 compared to a quarter of markets in our 2016 survey.

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4 Most expensive cities to build in

New York has overtaken Zurich as the most expensive city in which to build, followed by San Francisco and Zurich. London, which ranked third in last year's report, has fallen to fifth place behind Hong Kong, despite costs in the city soaring by 5 per cent over the last year.

5 Overstretched labour market

The global construction market remains overstretched with this year’s survey highlighting that there is still a skills shortage problem. Overall, more than half of the markets analysed are suffering from a skills shortage.

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