Centre for Cities report – delivering change

How are cities maximising the value of their local public assets?

The Delivering change: how city partnerships make the most of public assets report shows that it is through direct collaboration with public and private partners, and an increasingly commercial mind-set, that cities are beginning to finance crucial public services to support both local economic growth and their communities.

It examines more closely the opportunities and challenges associated with making the most of local assets – and in particular working with local private and public sector partners to do so.

The report launch will be followed by a series of roundtable events, which we are facilitating, on the subject of ‘Maximizing the value of public sector assets to support economic growth’

These events are being held to provide an opportunity for the findings to be discussed by both public and private sector bodies.  The primary aim of these discussions is to explore how cities and their partners can maximise the value of public sector assets to support economic growth. More information about the events and where they're taking place is available online. 

We have jointly sponsored this year's report with Bevan Brittan.

For further information, contact:

Michael Henson
Associate Director Local Government