As Europe's largest construction project, Crossrail is one of the most complex programmes ever undertaken in the UK. When complete it will increase London's rail capacity by ten percent with 10 new stations and 42km of track. We have worked with Crossrail for more than five years, ensuring it is delivered safely, on-time and to-budget. Find out below about how we have supported it through each stage of development and how the programme will leave a lasting positive legacy on the industry.

  • 60% reduction in congestion on London’s underground
  • 118.5km railway system
  • 1.5 million people brought within a 45 minute commute of central London

2009 - construction begins

Crossrail Act given Royal Assent - project set up

The Crossrail Bill was deposited in February 2005 and given Royal Assent in July 2008.  The Act gives deemed planning permission and the powers for the railway to be built, operated and maintained. Promoting the Crossrail Bill through Parliament involved work to develop the scheme to an appropriate level; consultation with all those with an interest in the project and its impacts; production of a wide range of Bill documents; and work with petitioners to address their concerns. 

How we helped

  • Funding approval obtained
  • Organisational structure established
  • Contract and procurement strategy devised
  • Governance protocols defined

2012 - tunnelling begins

Tunnelling work begins

A network of new rail tunnels was built by eight giant tunnel boring machines, to carry Crossrail’s trains eastbound and westbound. Each tunnel is 21 kilometres/13 miles long, 6.2 metres in diameter and up to 40 metres below ground.

How we helped

  • Cost and performance reporting structure developed
  • Risk management approach established
  • Tools and systems designed
  • Contract administration approach created and implemented

2016 - 75% completion

Programme reaches 75 percent completion, on time and within budget

After more than 100 million working hours by the Crossrail team, 75 per cent of the project is delivered, including half of the permanent and nearly all of the platform structures, which will give step-free access to the 200m long trains at all of the 10 new stations.

How we helped

  • Organisational structure refreshed
  • Schedule re-baseline implemented
  • Supplemental agreements settled
  • Cost challenge developed and managed

2019 - completion and legacy

Crossrail goes live

When all services are running in 2019 Crossrail will increase London's rail capacity by ten percent and improve journey times for 57,000 households across the capital. But the programme's impact will also have a huge positive impact on the infrastructure sector for years to come. 

How we helped

We helped to establish best practices in project and programme management, including:

  • Programme initiation and development
  • Programme controls
  • Risk management
  • Performance assurance
  • Commercial assurance

Find out more on the Crossrail Learning Legacies website.

Learning Legacy

Learning Legacy is the collation and dissemination of good practice, lessons learned and innovation from the Crossrail construction programme aimed at raising the bar in industry and showcasing UK PLC. Find out more on the Crossrail Learning Legacy website.

Across every sector and service we work in Turner & Townsend strive to deliver best practice. Our aim is extending the positive legacy of our clients by advancing the standards of the assets they create, supporting safe and efficient construction, and protecting resources for future generations. We continue to support the Learning Legacy programme to ensure Europe's largest ongoing construction programme leaves a positive lasting legacy on the industry in the UK and beyond.

Upcoming webinars

A series of Learning Legacy events continues to be developed with Crossrail’s Learning Legacy partners. The first of these events, including webinars, conferences and seminars, commenced in March 2016. For more information or to find out other events that are running please visit the Crossrail Learning Legacy website.