Industry integrity

Our mission is to deliver outstanding value to our clients, markets and communities. We therefore promote integrity and quality in all our engagements. Our work on high-profile programmes for major clients has given us exceptional knowledge, which we transfer between sectors to define best practice and drive thought leadership.

A trusted partner

Our insistence on the highest ethical standards makes us a trusted partner to our clients, suppliers and communities. We build trust by acting with integrity in everything we do, from ensuring on-site safety to driving quality and efficiency.

All employees must comply with our ethics policy and reaffirm their commitment to it each year. We address ethics throughout our induction process for new starters and deliver core training to build awareness on key topics.

our people take leadership positions to advance industry best practice
we maintain our client satisfaction score at 8/10

Advancing best practice

Across every sector and service we work in we strive to deliver best practice. Our aim is extending the positive legacy of our clients by advancing the standards of the assets they create, supporting safe and efficient construction, and protecting resources for future generations.

To promote best practice across the built environment, we share our insights through industry forums, participate in professional bodies, and invest in research and thought leadership. One area we are particularly focused on is effective use of data and technology in building and operating assets. We are leading the way on BIM, which enables enhanced collaboration, shared targets and greater predictability of outcomes.