Environmental stewardship

Determined to shape a better built environment for future generations, we are improving the environmental management of our own operations, while using our expertise to enhance asset efficiency, programme performance and whole life value for our clients.

Improving our environmental impact

We are committed to developing a more sustainable workplace. Building good environmental management into our standard operating procedures gives us strong foundations, and we continue to drive improvement through our ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.

Delivering sustainable solutions

We help clients to optimise their asset efficiency and programme performance, improving energy and resource use and ultimately organisational sustainability. To support them in setting and achieving their environmental objectives we also advise on the technology and management options that best balance whole life cost and sustainability.

Shaping best practice

We continue to contribute to the development of environmental best practice. We work collaboratively with clients, suppliers and industry bodies to find effective solutions to sustainability challenges in asset development, delivery and operation.  In Hong Kong, Director Sam Cheng has played a leading role in the Hong Kong Green Building Council. By chairing committees and coordinating the exchange of the latest environmental thinking between green building councils, Sam is promoting a more sustainable construction industry.