Shaping the future of our business

Our Chairman’s Group was created to give people across our global business the opportunity to develop their skills, by tackling a real leadership challenge that will shape the future of the company. Applications are encouraged from anyone at associate director level or below and 16 people, representing every region, are selected to become members of the group for a year.

Members are set a challenge that encompasses different aspects of running a global business. They are briefed to provide bold, insightful and practical solutions, working in close collaboration with each other and engaging with business leaders. The 2015 challenge included defining what a great place to work would be like in 2020 and the role technology will play in supporting our vision.

The experience gives our people the chance to stretch their abilities and grow their network of global contacts, which will benefit them as they progress their careers. Following outstanding performance on the 2015 challenge, Bettina Wuerfel, associate director in our Munich office, has been selected as the chairperson for 2016.

“As a member of the group I’ve learned to develop strategic ideas and innovative approaches,” said Bettina. “Now as the new chairperson, I want to create an atmosphere that brings out the most of the group. I want everybody to think without limitations and come up with great ideas that influence the way we go forward as a business.”

Bettina Wuerfel, Associate Director

“ The Chairman’s Group is an outstanding opportunity to connect with colleagues across the world and develop innovative approaches.”

Bettina Wuerfel Associate Director