Building the world’s most sustainable city

Masdar City, an urban development covering 600 hectares of land near Abu Dhabi International Airport, has a vision to become the world’s most sustainable city.

Masdar City’s ambitious goals include reducing energy and water by at least 40 percent compared to industry benchmarks, generating renewable energy onsite, and reducing material embodied carbon.

With our global experience in sustainable projects and extensive local knowledge of the Abu Dhabi construction market, we are helping Masdar City to deliver on its targets for individual projects and to realise the overall vision.


  • 600 Hectare site
  • 40% Target reduction in energy and water consumption compared to industry benchmarks

We are involved throughout the project life cycle, supporting the rapid pace of development and putting sustainability at the heart of decisionmaking. In the early design stages, this involves careful analysis of how a project complements the rest of the development’s architecture at the same time as meeting its sustainability goals.  

During construction, our project and cost management teams deliver the design, while also maintaining control of economic sustainability objectives, minimising waste and reducing the local environmental impact. Beyond construction, our facilities management insight helps to ensure that buildings perform as designed and sustainability features and systems are optimised.

For further information, contact:

Lejla Dukic
Regional Marketing Manager

t: +971 (0) 2 441 0955