Community value

We are committed to adding value to our local communities. Whether we are getting our people involved through volunteering, building long-term community partnerships, making vital projects a reality with our pro bono services or boosting economies through our work for clients, we add value every day, all around the world.

Investing time in vital community projects

We address key social issues that are important to our communities, our business and our clients. Our network of CSR representatives leads initiatives and supports staff involvement, as we invest time and funds into projects with our partners. One important way we do this is by giving every employee a volunteering day each year.

our staff contributed more volunteer hours than ever before
we racked up more than 1,000 hours of pro bono project work
we made strides towards our fundraising goals

Education and inspiration

We are committed to education and want to give children and young people the inspiration and encouragement they need to develop valuable skills. In December 2015, our UK and Ireland offices established a long-term partnership with Action for Children and committed to raising £50,000 over the course of a year. The money raised will be used to provide disadvantaged children and their families with grants for essential education materials and resources.

Our Cape Town office is running a successful toy library to support the physical, mental and social development of children through play. The toy library supports low-income families unable to afford toys or child aftercare facilities. We are now setting up a new library in a collaborative effort with partners in Mossel Bay.

Employability and skills for construction

In support of our commitment to education and increasing talent and diversity in our industry, we have developed local initiatives across the world that are focused on employability. Successful initiatives include a careers introduction for 60 students in the Netherlands and a career mentoring programme for young people in the UK.