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Placing the emphasis on trust

This has been a testing year for the business. Increasingly complex projects, more sophisticated client requirements, the continuing economic downturn, and natural disasters have each challenged us to deliver. Each region in which we operate has faced situations this year which were reminders of the risks our staff and clients face.

Building trust

Floods in Australia, an earthquake in Chile, the earthquake and its aftermath in Japan, unrest in the Middle East, hurricanes in the US and volcanic ash across Europe all caused disruption and loss. The compassion from unaffected parts of our business has been genuine, and spontaneous donations and fundraising were instigated by our staff. We have responded to these challenges by focusing on three main areas: building trust; supporting and developing our people; and creating world-class processes.

Turner & Townsend is ambitious. We want to succeed, to grow, and to be recognised as the best in our field. To do this we need clients who are delighted to have appointed us, who want us on their next project, and who will recommend our services to others, which is why we seek their feedback. The client care criteria that we are judged on - performance, contribution, people, management, communications, skills and processes, innovation and value for money - are the indicators we use to assess whether we are gaining the client trust that will ensure we stay at the forefront of our market. Income from our global key accounts during the past 12 months has increased, demonstrating that our focus on client care is paying dividends. As COO I also want to ensure that our people trust the organisation, which is why our human resources focus this coming year will ensure we deliver on the promises we make when we are appointing people, and in annual personal development plans. We know from our staff survey that our people are proud to work for Turner & Townsend - our challenge is to ensure that when we ask them to go the extra mile for our clients they feel supported in return.

Our emphasis on trust is also reflected in our policies. We are committed to the highest ethical standards, and require all employees to be aware of and comply with our policies and guidelines on corporate conduct. The introduction of the latest anti-bribery and corruption legislation reinforces our message that bribery is never acceptable. We operate a strict no tolerance policy towards it, both directly and through third parties.


There has been a 12% rise in the number of clients that would reccomend us to others

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