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  • Turner & Townsend has deployed consultants to this project from around the world, including the UK and Australia, providing cross-region and sector knowledge and skills.

  • TTMeasure® creates a full history for fabrication work, traceable to individual drawing, work package, system or discipline.

  • The measurement process, bridging the Bill of Approximate Quantities (BOAQ) to final account, is carried out collaboratively, mitigating disputes and avoiding potential claims.





Case study | Chevron Jack and St Malo

Turner & Townsend is providing quantity surveying services for the fabrication of production facility Topsides for the Chevron-operated Jack and St Malo (JSM) project, located in the Gulf of Mexico 280 miles (450 km) south of New Orleans at depths of 7000 feet (2,100 metres).

The JSM project will establish three subsea centres linked to a production facility with an initial daily capacity of 170,000 barrels of oil and 42.5 million cubic feet of gas.

Production is due to begin in 2014.

Chevron has appointed Turner & Townsend to control and report on the project's Topsides fabrication using the TTMeasure database to track fabrication quantities and measure variations arising from revisions to drawings and scope.

TTMeasure is designed to give the client an enhanced level of predictability and control over the final fabrication contract price, providing a full audit trail for each package, traceable to every individual drawing, work package, system or discipline.


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