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Expanding our global capability

The economic environment in the past 12 months has presented a challenge for businesses around the world. Many of the countries in which we operate have struggled to emerge from the downturn, and appetite for investment outside the natural resources sector remains cautious.

Demonstrating value

For Turner & Townsend, however, this cloud has had two silver linings. Firstly, more than ever, businesses are looking for the skills we offer: the ability to help deliver increasingly complex programmes that meet strategic objectives cost effectively. As our clients face growing pressure to spend wisely and well, so they rely on us to help them manage that spend and demonstrate value. As a result we are seeing increasing volumes of work throughout our business.

Secondly, our decade-long strategy to help clients operate globally has paid dividends. As businesses have sought new markets, our investment in new offices and new capabilities has helped them to operate seamlessly across borders. Through sharing knowledge and best practice around the world clients also benefit from a consistently high standard of advice across all our offices.

The result is a positive year for the firm, with overall revenue growth and increased revenues in six of the seven regions in which we operate. These figures are testament to the wisdom of the strategy we have pursued for some years now, which focuses on three themes: expanding our global footprint; building greater critical mass in key markets, and investing in our service model to make a difference for clients.


Our non-UK proportion of total turnover grew to 47%



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