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Opportunities ahead

Looking forward, the future is brighter. While Western Europe and the US recover more slowly from the global financial crisis, the World Bank anticipates that solid economic growth led by developing countries is the most likely outlook for the world economy. Strong demand by developing countries, particularly China, continues to drive the natural resources market and our global clients are continuing to expand their reach into new markets.

Growing business confidence will start to generate the go-ahead for new projects, while clients will continue to search for ways to deliver their current programmes more cost-effectively, and more valuably. By developing our global network, increasing our sector expertise and integrating our service model, we have built a firm foundation to respond to these demands. We believe that clients will increasingly seek to integrate these programmes, achieving benefits of scale, consistent worldwide quality, improved predictability and visibility of spend. As they pursue this integration they will find Turner & Townsend ready and able to support them.

Vincent Clancy


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