15 June 2010

Integrated systems: the art of the possible

Ashley Prail, global head of programme management office, shares his experiences of how to get the most from technology in asset construction.

30 April 2010

Capex efficiency: time for an efficiency health-check?

In the early part of the 2nd decade of the 21st Century, ‘efficiency’ is rapidly becoming a hackneyed phrase.  Almost every organisation from any industry is looking for ways to increase efficie...

08 January 2010

All Change

Project Director Robert Flavell details the challenges in delivering a £ 600m redevelopment of New Street Station, the city’s main rail terminus…

22 December 2009

Construction: Blueprint For Action

Edel Langan compares and contrasts the concept of safety in construction design from an international perspective, looking at the frameworks under which construction professionals in the UK, US,...