24 September 2014

Moving out: how London’s housing shortage is threatening the capital’s competitiveness

With latest figures from the Office for National Statistics showing a 19 percent increase in London house prices over the past 12 months and an average house price approaching £500,000 in the cap...

16 September 2014

Evolving skillsets are vital to major project success

Ashley PrailDirector For infrastructure investors, few things are more central to the business than the ability to deliver predictable returns over the medium and long term. As a result, the own...

08 September 2014

Bringing the cloud down to Earth

With the possible exception of underground pipes and cables, urban infrastructure tends to be highly visible.But one of the most critical branches of infrastructure – the servers that host today’...

19 August 2014

A risky business?

As head of our major programmes advisory group, Ashley Prail talks to Project Magazine Editor David Gale about what it takes to control major programme risk on a daily basis.