Maintaining access to leading edge experimental facilities is an essential part of keeping researchers competitive and at the forefront of their fields of research.  

Research and development is one area that forward thinking organisations are not cutting back on in these challenging economic conditions and Turner & Townsend has a fantastic track record in the delivery of world class research facilities. 

Major corporates, charities and central governments are all seeking to measure the effectiveness of research and development and the facilities that are used need to respond accordingly. 

We have built up intelligent and predictable data models which can support development business cases for complex research and development facilities.

“Turner & Townsend has supported the Wellcome Trust on several major projects. They continue to demonstrate their energy and willingness to support us at all times with accurate and reliable information. They are enthusiastic team members and well respected by the diverse professional team. I would not hesitate to commission them again."

The Wellcome Trust