Carbon advisory and sustainability

Our specialist team brings clarity and pragmatism to energy and carbon issues that you face.

Our professionals include environmentalists, engineers, cost managers and policy experts who can assist you in measuring, evaluating and managing your carbon-related risks and opportunities.

The service we provide will help identify and quantify environmental risks and opportunities, and also develop appropriate business cases to implement change that improves efficiency and sustained performance improvement.

Your challenges

Climate change is increasingly considered to be one of the biggest threats faced by all communities and environmental issues are consequently rising up the agenda for many leading organisations.

80 percent of the FT Global 500 have acknowledged it to be a serious business risk. It is therefore vital for organisations to understand and optimise the real operational cost and revenue issues associated with sustainability.

What we do

Driving down costs

  • Operational savings: sustainable resource management can achieve a reduction in bottom line operating costs – an important consideration in an increasingly competitive global economy.
  • Forecasting certainty: carbon management systems enable accurate activity-based costing and resource allocation, meaning your organisation can manage related spending more effectively.

Protecting revenue

  • Brand equity: failure to comply with environmental legislation can have a damaging impact on your brand, not to mention the potential for substantial financial losses. In contrast, demonstrating sustainability credentials enables organisations to leverage from positive brand differentiation which can improve the desirability of the product or service, leading to increased sales.
  • New revenue streams: changing markets and technical innovations present opportunities for new income streams. If your organisation is a high volume energy user, improvements in performance efficiency can offer additional income through government-funded incentive schemes.

What you get

Our commercial consultancy, project, and asset management experience gives you access to considerable delivery expertise from both operational and development planning perspectives. In addition, our wide range of technical skills combined with change and performance improvement credentials ensure that sustained change can be achieved.

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