Orange - CDMC and safety management co-ordinator framework

Turner & Townsend are delivering a combined service to cater for the roll out and upgrade of telecommunications equipment to cover Orange’s entire UK network. The role is principally based around the duties of the CDM Coordinator under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007; however an additional role for non-notifiable sites known as the safety management co-ordinator (SMC) role is also delivered on smaller projects.

Orange required Turner & Townsend to undertake an extensive review of their existing contractor portfolio, in 2007 in response to the requirements for competency assessment. The objective of this was not to exclude contractors but to work proactively with them to raise standards in Health & Safety management.

In addition to the day to day operations undertaken by the CDMc and SMC the client had requirements for an enhanced role to provide national coverage for Site inspections & contractor performance audits. Turner & Townsend developed a comprehensive database to capture information on contractor performance, discipline actions and safety bulletins issued by Turner & Townsend or Orange.

The commission is delivered by a team of 4 full time health and safety consultants based in the client’s office in Solihull with support from regional offices for site auditing.

Turner & Townsend's contribution

Turner & Townsend is one of the leading safety consultants within the telecommunications sector, which enabled us to understand the client’s needs. CDM coordinators at orange clearly understand that Oranges priority is coverage, but not at the expense of safety. By working closely with designers and contractors we are able to provide sites which are safe to access and maintain.

Making the difference

Our 6 year partnership with Orange and glowing client references is a true reflection of the achievements of the team. We constantly react and evolve to the ever changing priorities of our client’s build needs. In addition we have provided addition services which are inclusive of our initial fee.

  • Review telecom signage, estates issues as part of our safety audits inspections.
  • Produced effective IT solutions including databases to track 10,000’s of actions
  • Provided CDM Seminars and training to client’s employees and contractors.

Orange PCS

CDM Co-ordinator and Safety Management Framework


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