28 March 2014

The challenge of keeping the UK's lights on and electricity bills down

by Mike Pigott DirectorThe contrast couldn’t have been more stark. For a while last year, energy boss-bashing almost became a national sport.When the big six energy firms announced price rises i...

07 March 2014

Ofwat’s capital efficiency challenge – how the water industry can meet it by focusing on productivity not price

by Jason Jones DirectorFor an uncomfortable few months last year, the bosses of Britain’s Big Six energy companies found themselves cast in the role of public enemy number one.Energy company gra...

03 March 2014

Half way there, but no half measures – lessons learned from Crossrail’s success

by Patricia Moore DirectorWith Europe’s largest infrastructure project now half complete, the scale of Crossrail’s challenge – and achievement so far – is becoming clear.The giant boring machine...

13 February 2014

Opposition to foreign retailers on the rise in India

by Mark Richards Managing DirectorThe world’s largest democracy is in full electoral swing. The date has yet to be confirmed, but Indians must go to the polls before May.As the parties jockey fo...