CSR Sanctuary

Learning and development

We have recently implemented a bespoke e-learning programme, developed using external skills, which delivers focussed training, e-courses and Business videos to our teams in a flexible and interactive environment. 

E-learning ensures that we provide all staff with the opportunity to take control of their own development and access a full range of learning materials at a time and place that suits them, including videos and courses.  Initially, content include behavioural and IT skills, with the opportunity to develop bespoke T&T modules in the future.

Some of the statistics for the period since introduction in May 2009 are:

  • 31% of UK staff have used the eLearning system
  • 84% of users found that the courses delivered what they expected, or more
  • 162 courses have been mastered (i.e., courses taken and assessment shows 70% correct scores)
  • 523 courses are in progress