Community value

We are committed to adding value to our local communities. Whether we are getting our people involved through volunteering, building long-term community partnerships, making vital projects a reality with our pro bono services or boosting economies through our work for clients, we add value every day, all around the world.

Our people are genuinely passionate about creating community value. We do this through long-term partnerships that address local concerns, and by delivering projects and programmes that offer outstanding value for clients and generate prosperity through investment and jobs.

We encourage our people to volunteer in their communities and give every employee one paid day a year to do so. Increasingly, we look for opportunities to add more value by applying our people’s professional skills to their voluntary work. We also use our capabilities in pro bono work, helping vital community projects come to life. We are involved in a tremendous range of activities, from supporting toy libraries in South Africa to inspiring young people’s futures in the UK.

Over the next five years, we will increase the quality and quantity of our community activities, focusing on areas that are important to our local teams, and adopting smart partnerships that add greater value. We will also work with clients to deliver more community value through our projects and programmes.