Highways Agency

Highways Agency

The Highways Agency is a world renowned organisation responsible for much of England's highways, covering over 6,500 miles (10,461 km) of roads. Part of the Department of Transport, the Highways Agency's roads have a combined worth of over £81 billion.

In the UK we are retained via a framework contract by the Highways Agency to provide contract and procurement advice. By working with the Agency’s internal Directorates and external supply chain stakeholders we have developed forms of contract which deliver a managed supply chain, business capability and value for money, whilst aligning these with the existing assurance and governance regimes. This has proved crucial is securing further investment.

In particular, as the capital cost has become technology based rather than civil engineering led, we developed an output standards and performance driven supply chain, that is not dependent on existing arrangements and this has proved crucial to future investment. This has also allowed us to develop performance driven procurement models in several overseas examples including the Australian and German networks.

Developing this theme further we have been at the forefront of implementing organisational change within the Highways Agency. We introduced collaborative working practices within the established Directorates and encouraged inter- stakeholder working across the supply chain to increase the UK motorway capacity at a saving of up to 60% of the traditional procurement approach.

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