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The General Motors of Canada Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) is the first commercial research, development and innovation centre of its kind in Canada and in many respects the world. This is where the next generation of electric vehicles, green energy technology and products we haven’t even thought of yet will be discovered, tested and validated.

ACE is owned by the university and will operate as an independent test facility, available to rent by manufacturers of all descriptions, start-up companies and researchers in Canada and around the globe. This facility is divided into two distinct sections, a core research facility and an integrated research and training facility.

The core research facility offers a full range of testing facilities including one of the largest and most sophisticated climatic wind tunnels in the world. In this chamber wind speeds exceed 240 kilometres per hour, temperatures range from minus 40 to plus 60 degrees celsius, and relative humidity ranges from 5 to 95 percent. The climatic wind tunnel also has a large yawing chassis dynamometer that can, for the first time anywhere, test properties in crosswinds; has a solar array to replicate the effects of the sun; and is hydrogen capable, allowing for alternative fuel cell development.

The integrated research and training facility spans five floors with space dedicated for research, education and training. It has offices, laboratories and common work areas. This facility helps foster an environment of collaboration and interaction between industry, researchers and students.

Turner & Townsend contribution

We were commissioned at the outset to provide monitoring services to the Ministry of Economic Development. Through the development of the project our role was expanded to included project management consultancy services working alongside the University board and senior management team.

Our role incorporated cost estimating, contractual review, procurement, change management and project leadership roles.

Making the difference

Our contribution allowed the UOIT board and management team to move forward with the project understanding the financial implications and risks connected with the development of such a unique project.  Our continued advice on matters of international procurement, exchange rates, risk and change management provided a framework within which UOIT could develop their funding and operational strategy.

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2007 – 2010

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